Our commitment to Authentic Flamenco



For the past 15 years, Flamenco Closet Creations has made costumes for Professional and Beginning Flamenco Dancers alike Worldwide.


With one of the top designers in the art of Flamenco costumes, who knows how a Flamenco dress should flow and move as she has been dancing Flamenco Professionally since she was a small child in Granada, Spain. We have been around the world and seen Flamenco everywhere, we are now back in the heart of Flamenco dancing, Granada, Spain.


We are proud to offer a wide range of authentic Spanish flamenco costumes, providing our customers with a quality product at a price much less than those of our competitors. We take special pride in everything we do. Our products are made with the upmost care and attention to detail. These are not the costumes you will wear once, but over and over as they are built to last, with the best materials you could ask for.


If you do not see the flamenco costume you are looking for, please contact us. We have many skirts, dance dresses, batas de cola and other flamenco costumes that can be altered or upgraded to meet your needs. If you have an idea on a certain costume, we are always happy to help and will be more than happy to do a custom order for you.

100% Authentic

All our Flamenco products are exclusively handmade in Spain using the same traditional methods of craftsmanship and high quality materials that have been used for generations.