Alejandra Bata de Cola Dress BC/001

Alejandra Bata de Cola Dress BC/001

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This dress will take approximately 30 days to manufacture, rush orders can usually be accommodated, but please note there will be an uplift of $30, we recommend that you contact us for more information.

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Our designs are all couture fitted and custom-made to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. We carry a large supply of the highest quality fabrics; our dresses can be made with any of our flamenco fabrics. The materials we use are of exceptional quality making them lightweight, and easy to move in. We keep in mind the dancer’s movements when creating all of our designs. If you have any additional specifications please let us know in the notes box.

Product specifications:

  • Gorgeous ruffle work from waist to tail with extensive lacework throughout the body
  • Four large ruffles underneath
  • Three fabric color choices: body, outer ruffles and under ruffles
  • Sexy cut in back of dress with zipper and tie cord to secure in place
  • Body and outer ruffles made of high quality fabric
  • Under ruffles made of high quality, durable nylon to insure the Bata keeps its shape during movements and helps prevent wear and damage to the costume
  • Fully lined inside for comfort
  • Measures approx 1.65 meters in length from waist to tail.
  • Full length available at approx 1.95 meters ($85.00 surcharge)
From: $555.00 $500.00
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